Monday, June 27, 2016

Celebrity Visit: Murphy Murphy

Every Monday the triples get to see Murphy when they go with mom to potty Murphy. They get lots of sniffs and licks, while Murphy gets loss of treats.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Photo shoot!

Avery was thrilled

Sleepy babies

Hanging with the littles

Simon and Lucy like to hold the triples and make them laugh. We go on lots of walks and play as often as we can...with Oliver too!

Fun with Murphy

The triples love to go let Murphy out to potty on Monday's. They get lots of kicks and sniffs, while Murphy enjoys attention and treats of course. Quinn said dog dog for the first time when she saw Murphy... she's a forever fan.

First swim at Gigi Papa's

Lots splashing and laughs. Avery had her first underwater experience...Papa pulled her out and she was laughing again in no time. Beau worked up an appetite and Quinn kicked, splashed and squealed.