Monday, September 7, 2015

The Beans almost ready to roll

The Wee Beans have been cleared to come home this week, though one or two might need another day or two in the NICU. They are spending tonight with mom and dad in the hospital's test bedroom where new families get a to do an overnight dry run with nurses close by.

They also had to pass the car seat test in which they were required to remain buckled in and comfortable for 90 minutes. Look closely and you'll see that Avery is enjoying the scenery and acing her test while Beau and Quinn decided they could sleep through the exam and still get a passing grade. Wonder if that's an indication of their future.

With the triples heading home we will be closing down the Go Fund Me campaign where friends of Kyle and Meegan are contributing toward the cost of a three-seat stroller and three car seats. As of today, we have raised $1,662 - almost the full $1,800 that we set as our goal. If you or someone you know would like to chip in a few dollars, click this link before the end of this week.

-- Ric 

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