Sunday, February 19, 2017

How not to end a wonderful trip

Here's how we closed out a great two weeks in Florida.


The plan for the evening is set. Babies will be in bed by 7, Ric will cook the amberjack he caught a few days earlier, and after dinner, Meegan and Kyle will depart for a night at a beachside hotel. Beau did not approve this plan.

4:30. Beau's stomach starts to churn. Soon his cookies are tossed. Meegan gets on the phone and learns that Beau is too young to be seen at the urgent care center. She, Kyle and Beau head for the ER.

8:30. Meegan, Kyle and a sleeping Beau return home. Bed for Beau, cold fish for mom and dad.


7:15. All babies are asleep. A big bowl of steamed shrimp is on the table. Ric pours a rum and Coke. Meegan says we dodged a bullet. "Can you imagine if they had all gotten sick?"

7:30. Quinn wakes up crying. She has thrown up in her crib.

8:30. Quinn is back to sleep in a clean bed.

9:15. Ric puts five shrimp on his plate. Avery wakes up crying. She has thrown up in her bed.

9:40. Meegan learns that the closest pharmacy at Wal-Mart will close at 10. The man on the phone says no other pharmacies stay open after 10.

9:50. Meegan, Kyle, Ric, Avery and Quinn head for the ER. Jeannene heads for the laundry room.

10:30. Outside the ER, Ric holds a crying Avery while Meegan throws up in the bushes.

11:45.  The babies are examined, given Pedialyte, popsicles and ice chips. A playful Avery feeds ice chips to Ric. This will not seem so cute three hours later.

1:30. Everyone returns home and goes to bed.

2:30. Ric is in one bathroom throwing up more than ice chips, Kyle is in another.


6:30 a.m.  Meegan and Jeannene bravely rise to feed and entertain three cheerful babies.

11 a.m.  Kyle and Ric, not quite so brave, finally emerge. All adults sleepwalk through the day, counting the minutes until they can return to bed.

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